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"Very promising." — Paul Muldoon

"There is much to celebrate in Jeanette Beebe's poetry thesis, An Instrument for Blinking. By and large it tends to be a rather fearless exploration (...) with a commitment to physical description, intimacy, and tenderness. There is also a great sense of humor in the poems, something that may be as difficult to do as write about what most hurts us. The humor in the poems is almost rowdy at times, even leaning towards slapstick. (...) It felt more courageous and difficult with a strange lightness (...) Pitch perfect. Just dazzling."  Michael Dickman

"Excellent work! (...) Really pulled this together nicely, and pushed the poems to a place of greater strength, courage and insight." — Tracy K. Smith

"Becoming quite the celebrity around here!"  Joyce Carol Oates

"I am impressed with Jeanette's ability as a poet. She possesses a metaphorical ability that is not common in mature poets and rare in one so young (...) and an exuberance that reaches out in every direction. Jeanette is also an extremely dedicated young writer. She is very receptive to criticism (...) and will approach this endeavor with zeal, and struggle as hard as she can to make something meaningful out of it." — Christian Barter